Have you wanted to view your home by Satelite? You can. Many companies, like Google, Yahoo, & Windows Live offer programs for a price. Why pay when you can see the same thing for Free?.

First, click on the Live Search button, then you will see the controls on the image. Hold the left mouse button down with the pointer over the magnifying glass with the (-) sign, until you can see the whole country. Point to what ever part of the country you want to view, and continue to double click until it is close enough for you to view.

<"Live Search">

Now that you've learned the first one, you can now learn to use the Google Maps. Click on the Google Maps Button, then you can see a different set of controls in this image. Grab and slide the oval marker, down the slide bar, until you can see the whole country, then double click on the area you want to zoom in to, as you did with Live Search. The little man image at the top, can be grabbed and place in certain streets, to get a Street View, as if you were standing there in person.

<"Google Maps">

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