The Dead Man

The dead man once had life, with trials and tribulations,
through times of good and bad, of both happy and sad occasions.
his days had been determained, bounds he could not pass,
with no way for him to know, which day would be his last.

The dead man lieth down, and rises not again,
till the day earth and the heavens, have finally come to end.
he can not taste or smell, nor can he see or hear,
he can't feel your tender touch, or has any worry or fear.

The dead man percieveth not, a sons honor at his grave,
his spirit is the breath of life, which returns to God who gave.
he can not know your thoughts, he has none of his own,
he can not worship or praise his Lord, nor bow before His throne.

The dead man once knew theory, of traditional church beliefs,
where the wicked burn in eternal hell, from which there's no relief.
and those who believed in Christ, watch over us from heaven,
believing in eternal bliss, veils the truth of the resurrection.

For the spirit without the body, dwells not in a lake of fire,
he ascends not into heaven, to achieve his hearts desire.
but peacefully sleeps in the dust of the ground, awaiting his reward,
which does not come until the return, of Jesus Christ our Lord.

By Lyle Hodges 10-31-07

Bible references to this poem

Can Dreams Come True?

Life is amazing wouldn't you say,
to see all the flowers bloom in May.
Though times are tough as it passes us by,
your dreams have gone in the blink of an eye.

As we wake each morning to start a new day,
do we all lose faith as our dreams fade away.
A dream is not what you wait to receive,
but a dream is a goal you set to achieve.

A poor boy not more than five,
dreamed that he'd be a musician, the best one alive.
While singing his songs, and playing guitar,
his dream had grown into becoming a star.

when all of the work of his dream was through,
he soon realized that his dream had come true.
he has become the best musician that I know,
we played a show together in Idaho.

So never ask, "Can Dreams Really Come True?",
because that my friend, depends on you.

By Lyle Hodges 3-20-1984

A Mothers Love

When all of life's struggles, have gotten you down,
your family and friends, no longer want you around.
not even you understand, the things you have done,
no one to turn to, no where to run.

When you've married a woman, full of bitterness & greed,
who will cut out your heart, and laugh as you bleed.
a material woman, who knows no remorse,
she takes all you own, then wants a divorce.

Her make believe love, will soon make you blind,
of the plotting & planning, going on in her mind.
while she thinks she's the greatest, on the face of the earth,
reveals her true value, as her own self worth.

So when a man can no longer, turn to his wife,
once she's got all she wants, now wants him out of her life.
who have you turned to, since you were a child,
for love & support, so tender & mild.

You turn to your mother, time & time again,
to forever stand by you, through thick & through thin.
who always has faith, forgiveness & love,
she is truly a gift, of our Lord from above.

So when you're feeling blue, and no one else cares,
turn to your mother, she'll always be there.
with a mild tender heart, pure as a dove,
there's a trace of God's grace, in a mothers love.

By Lyle Hodges 10-04-1999

Mothers Are Special

Mothers are special, in their own kind of way,
they are always there for you, any time, any day.
when you're feeling down, they know just what to say,
for this kind of love, what price do I pay?

For a mothers love, there is no cost at all,
it is free in all seasons, through spring, and through fall.
you may have a good life, totally have a ball,
but when you get into trouble, guess who you call.

When others have forgotten you, and there's no one around,
to give you love and support, in the troubles you've found.
or help through the bad times, till your feet's on the ground,
you call on your mother, she won't let you down.

By Lyle Hodges 11-24-1999

"It's Christmas Time"

Where's the peace on earth?
Where's the love folks used to share?
Where's the gratitude for simple gifts
That simply say, "I care"?
When did greed take over,
Taking goodness all away?
And when did we forget
Why we celebrate Christmas Day?

When I was just a child, And even yet today,
I'd think about our Saviour's birth, and how he slept
In the manger made of hay.
How Mary was refused a room there at the inn,
The terrible price our Saviour paid to save us all from sin.

I think about the homeless now sleeping in the cold.
About the hungry and the hurting, the lonely forgotten old.
I think about the mothers whose kids no longer care,
For she's sick and old and all alone, she has no gifts to bear.
When they took Christ from Christmas, greed began to soar,
Hearts turned cold and bitter, with no feeling anymore.

Eyes no longer see the true purpose of the season.
Self control is out of hand, there is no sense of reason.
Expensive gifts mean Christmas now, not the birth of Christ.
To find how much you love them, they find what the
Gift was priced.

My Christmas joy consisted of fruit and candy, too.
It's about the nicest Christmas we kids ever knew.
We knew love and happiness with hearts in one accord,
But that's when Christmas Day still stood for Jesus Christ
Our Lord!

Written by: Linda Underwood December 25,1994

(What Have You Planned For Me?)

I awake every morning As always before
And I can't help but wonder What am I here for?
There must be a purpose That I cannot see.
Oh, Heavenly Father, What have you planned for me?
I see people dying Around me each day.
They once lived as I live But have now passed away.
And fear fills my heart, Lord, When I think of the day
I'll hear you call my name, Will I know what to say?
Will you take my hand, Lord. Or will I be denied?
Standing with Jesus Or standing outside?
There must be a purpose That I cannot see.
Oh, Heavenly Father, What have you planned for me?

Written by: Linda Underwood 1969


Many years ago upon this very day.
A Savior Jesus Christ was born to guide us on our way.
He's taking use to heaven to live forever more
With all his chosen angles upon his golden shore.
Lets shout and sing great praises to Jesus Christ the King,
And ask our blessed Savior what gift we all should bring.
Lets bow our head this Christmas Day and go to God in prayer,
And thank our blessed Jesus for always being there.

Thank him on his birthday for the Christmas he was born.
Thank him for that old rugged cross and for the crown of thorns,
Thank him for the bread of life and ask him while we pray.
To keep our thoughts upon him today and everyday.

It's such a busy season but don't forget to pray,
Keep on the road to glory where its Christmas every day.

Written December 25, 1990 By Linda (Hodges) Underwood.