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Amazing Facts Bible School in partnership with OGHS84 and powered by Bible University, brings to you the Online Study Course for Storacles Of Prophecy, in addition to Study Guide Lessons. Simply select OGHS84 when signing in and you have a link to return back to OGHS84, or get back to your lessons from here. A great place to start to discover Bible Prophecy and answers questions which many christians often wonder about.

President and Speaker for Amazing Facts, Doug Batchelor has experienced great extremes. His journey from anti-social, drug-using hermit to soul-winning evangelist which has helped shape him into an engaging, popular speaker whom audiences all over the world can identify with and understand clearly even on the most complex Bible topics, as you can see in these popular Bible Study seminars 'Storacles Of Prophecy' and 'Prophecy Code'.

Director and speaker of Kenneth Cox Ministries. he has specialized in world history and its relationship to Bible prophecy and current events. he gives careful detailed study to biblical prophecies and their relationship to current events. He attended Union College majoring in theology and history and received his Master of Divinity at Potomac University. He has held evangelistic meetings in over 20 different countries.

Co-founder of ARISE, David currently pastors the Kingscliff Seventh-day Adventist church in Chinderah, New South Wales, Australia. He is the former pastor of Troy Seventh-day Adventist Church in Troy, Michigan. In 2011, ARISE merged with Light Bearers and David became co-director of Light Bearers. He has been featured on 3ABN and Hope Channel and has been a regular presenter at the annual Generation of Youth for Christ conferences.

Professor Veith has traveled the world presenting his visually documented Amazing Discoveries seminar, lecturing on his findings in archaeology, history, Bible prophecy, secret societies, and political intrigue. His research in animal husbandry, degenerative diseases caused by poor nutrition, such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and cancer has been presented at international conferences on nutrition and disease. He has written a number of books, such as 'Diet and Health', from his own research.

Learn history of the Bible, the great reformers with documentaries such as A Lamp In The Dark, Tares Among the Wheat and Bridge To Babylon. Watch as Ben Stein reveals how academic freedom is being suppressed, and Scientists, Professors, Educators and Reporters who places true science over Darwinism, in Expelled: No Inteligance Allowed. Discover the long concealed cure for cancer, in favor of failed treatments where many continue to proit greatly. kent hovind's greatest hits which have opened many eyes to the science being supressed to save the dying theory of evolution.

Note: For those who have studied the corruption in the NIV there is a comparative link to show others the changes which distort the true interpretation.