In response to Google Chrome downgrading their browser, so that it is no longer compatible with many web-sites, I have reviewed several alternative browser's to replace Chrome with. Links for downloading them are included below. Google Edge is not included as it is only for Win 10. Basilisk is a copy of Chrome with the same malfunctions, SeaMonkey is junk and Pale Moon is faster yet does not load everything, they are not included.
Mozilla Firefox has always been far better than Chrome except for certain Facebook Games, however with Google's latest downgrade, several FB games no longer work in Chrome. Opera is the best replacement for those games, loads much faster than Chrome, rendering Chrome completely obsolete.
If you wish to repair your Chrome Browser to function properly on this site, type chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy in your address bar, press Enter, then in the drop-down box, select no user gesture required, then close and re-open Chrome. This is only temporary as with Google's next downgrade, they will change it back, also this does not fix the latest downgrade causing a conflict with flash player, where it no longer loads several Facebook Games. The 'War Commander' game on Facebook has developed a plug-in to fix this issue in their game, however the plug-in can be synced with other games. So far these are the only solutions available for temporarily repairing the latest defects in Google Chrome.

Firefox Quantum Browser
Mozilla Firefox remains better than Chrome except for it being slow in loading Facebook games, this is the only purpose Chrome was used, however with Chromes latest down-grade where several FB games no longer load, Opera is the best browser for games.

Opera Browser 52.0.2871.97
Opera is no longer compatible with all websites as they have disabled the same functions as Chrome. Therefore is no longer the best browser to replace Chromes defective browser with. However this older version still loads Facebook games which no longer work in Opera's newer versions or Google Chrome. It will work on OGHS84 sites until it automatically downgrades to their newer version, if anyone figures out how to turn off the automatic updates in Opera or Chrome, send me an email to share this information with others.

Vivaldi Browser
Vivaldi has a faster loading time for web-sites, however serious lag on recieving commands from your mouse.

Chrome Older Versions
A selection of older Chrome Browsers before the series of down-grades, however far you wish to go back Strongly suggest turning off Chrome's automatic updates.

VLC Media Player
The best free Media Player on the web, even better than most of the ones you have to pay for.

Movie Scout Extractor
Extract Movies or Videos from the web, or from your temporary files. 30 day free trial, unless you reformat, which renews the trial.

3 Dimensional Browser
Browse Pictures, or Videos in 3 Dimensions.

Screen Theif
See pictures on the web, but you're unable to copy them? This will copy them, or anything you want on your desktop.

Ifan View Picture Viewer/Editor
Once you have the Pictures you want, view, or edit them, or create new pictures, also a Thumbnail Viewer.

Plug-Ins 4 Ifan View
Enables Ifan View to work view & work on animated files, or view movie files.

Flash Player
Instals Flash Player.

Glary Utilities
Free version for private use, Optimize, clean and boost speed of Windows, Protect your privacy and security, Block spyware, trojans, adware, etc.

1 Touch Complete Cleaner
Clean out your un-used junk files that waste free space, & slows down your computer, speeds PC up to 300%, with just a click of a button.

Malware Bytes
Cleans out Malware & Viruses from your system, only a 30 day trial, so wait till you actually need it.

ICQ 6.5
The oldest & most capable. Conferencing, sending much larger files.

My Space Messanger
Have to have a page on My Space.

Pal Talk Messanger
Best for finding information, experts commonly use this, willing to help others, many various rooms to choose from.

2009 25th Class Reunion
For those who's computers won't play it on Face Book

Cancer Fighting Foods
A helpful video for cancer prevention.

World Without Cancer
The information on curing cancer, can be found in this video.

Download Free Font's, IM's Anti-Virus, Browser's, Ad-on's & Accelerators,