The Dead Man

The Dead Man

The dead man once had life, with trials and tribulations,
through times of good and bad, of both happy and sad occasions.
his days had been determained, bounds he could not pass,
with no way for him to know, which day would be his last.

The dead man lieth down, and rises not again,
till the day earth and the heavens, have finally come to end.
he can not taste or smell, nor can he see or hear,
he can't feel your tender touch, or has any worry or fear.

The dead man percieveth not, a sons honor at his grave,
his spirit is the breath of life, which returns to God who gave.
he can not know your thoughts, he has none of his own,
he can not worship or praise his Lord, nor bow before His throne.

The dead man once knew theory, of traditional church beliefs,
where the wicked burn in eternal hell, from which there's no relief.
and those who believed in Christ, watch over us from heaven,
believing in eternal bliss, veils the truth of the resurrection.

For the spirit without the body, dwells not in a lake of fire,
he ascends not into heaven, to achieve his hearts desire.
but peacefully sleeps in the dust of the ground, awaiting his reward,
which does not come until the return, of Jesus Christ our Lord.

By Lyle Hodges 10-31-07

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